Breakfast with Riskpro - BRISK

Riskpro proposes to launch a unique networking and learning platform for Risk Management professionals across major cities in India

Breakfast with Riskpro (BRISK)

In this initiative, Riskpro will organise a Breakfast meeting event once a month across various Indian citiies. A likely agenda will be as follows.

First Tuesday of each Month
8.15 AM - Registrations. Networking. Meeting new members etc.
8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Latest Risk Management developments - Riskpro Local Chapter Head
9.20 Industry Speaker / Risk Expert 1 (20 minutes)
9.40 Industry Speaker / Risk Expert 2 (20 minutes)
10.00 Open Participant Interaction. Q&A. Open networking.
10.30 CLOSE. Back to work.

Cities to start with - Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore
Cost to Attend : Free, Minimal, at-cost OR Guest charge may apply.
Registration: Will require your registration and an invitation from us to attend.


Please indicate your interest in participating.Register now for BRISK.Current plan is to meet on the FIRST Tuesday morning of every month at a central location in your city. We will communicate details on hearing from you.

Share your views

Please share your views and express interest to attend these events. These are absolutely open for networking and are planned to be either free events or with minimal charge to defray expenses. Please send an email to with your views and interest to attend these events in your city.

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