Internal Audit Head

We are currently looking for an experienced finance professional for the audit team based in India , covering a variety of India audit engagements. As Audit Manager, individual will report to the Director of Internal Audit, Asia Pacific and play a key role in the planning and execution of assignments through to the delivery of timely and relevant reports in India . Work location will be Chennai. There will also be opportunity to be involved in complex special projects and business requests such as financial analysis, systems review and due diligence.

Using sound commercial and financial skills the successful candidate will be comfortable dealing with senior management, assessing business risks and travelling in the vicinity of 50%*. Experience in a Big 4 public practice and up to 8 years PQE in a related audit or finance role is ideal. Strong technical proficiency (preferably US GAAP) is essential. Fluency in English is essential and additional language will be beneficial. Exposure to international business and the technology sector will be highly regarded.

DETAIL: Job Description

Duties and Responsibilities:

· Responsible for planning, organizing and supervising the activities of the internal audit function
· Develops and recommends annual audit plans and schedules outlining financial and administrative audits to be performed during each calendar year
· Develops policies and procedures relating to the administrative operation of the department
· Participates in complex field audits required by corporate management, including the preparation of audit programs for such audits
· Schedules, assigns, and directs the activities of auditors, reviews their workpapers and audit reports, and approves audit report drafts
· Prepares status and progress reports on the activities of the internal audit function
· Assists in the audit scheduling process, including ensuring that audits are properly staffed, that audit team members are being appropriately developed by the types of engagements on which they are assigned, ensuring that the annual audit plan is being implemented
· Performs recruiting activities, such as working with recruiters and schools, interviewing candidates, checking references, and negotiating salaries
· Evaluates the performance of subordinates and makes appropriate recommendations for salary review, promotion, and where applicable, corrective action
· Conducts special audit assignments

Critical Knowledge/Skills:

· Demonstrates a thorough understanding of accounting principles (US GAAP) / business applications and auditing standards
· Provides guidance to in-charge auditors so that they will appropriately use audit programs as a guide for performing audits, while modifying audit procedures to meet circumstances of individual audit, given the auditee’s systems, the inherent risk, and Internal Audit objectives
· Provides recommendations to improve overall efficiency and offers potential solutions to engagement problems, such as time overruns, client obstacles, shortage of staffing resources, etc.
· Resolves issues with clients and assists staff in overcoming client obstacles, when necessary
· Provides guidance to in-charge auditors to properly assess the importance of potential audit findings, considering related risks and benefit of recommendations
· Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of the industry.
· Uses time wisely by prioritizing tasks and delegating assignments, including establishing deadlines, and manages multiple and/or complex engagements
· Takes a leadership role in encouraging teamwork between audit team members and within the entire department
· Demonstrates good organizational skills in ensuring that in-charge auditors are coached to plan an engagement, conduct fieldwork, review workpapers, and draft reports to bring engagements to closure on a timely basis
· Effectively communicates with auditee, peers, subordinates, and department management, both orally and in writing
· Directs, evaluates, and motivates staff to ensure engagement performance
· Develops and implements strategic plans to improve overall department function

Other Considerations:

· Bachelor’s degree in relevant field of study
· Post-graduate qualifications relevant to the position
· Minimum of 6 to 8 years of financial / administrative auditing and related financial / business applications; three to five years public accounting experience or similar organisation would be desirable
· Approximately 50%* travel *(percentage to be confirmed)

Risk Category: 

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