Writing and Implementing BCP Plan - Approach based on ISO 22301

Background on BCM and ISO 22301
Is Your Organization's Business Continuity Plan Effective?
All companies are exposed to various types of natural and manmade disasters which can disrupt the business. These are typically difficult to predict and of high severity. Managing Business Continuity & Recovery is an essential part of running any modern organization that takes its business and its clients seriously. With so many potential business disasters looming that can befall an organization at any time, it seems unwise not to take actions to prepare for and try to prevent the devastating impact of such catastrophes. Therefore Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) has become an important component of a company’s risk management.


The Challenge
The challenge for companies is to evaluate how all material risks including resiliency risks are being managed as it strives towards achieving the organisation’s objectives and delivering value. Companies need to implement workable BCMS solutions designs to meet their resiliency requirement and not just regulators or customers.

Business Continuity Plan is a critical part of the BCMS process for identifying & documenting BC solutions and no company can afford outdated, incomplete or untested plans. Writing good BCP plans is time consuming and vital in the BCMS process. A good business continuity plan provides a roadmap for continuing operations under adverse conditions.

Overview and Summary
This course provides participants the understanding of BCM concepts and provides them with practical tools and methods required for writing and implementation of the BCP plan. Trainer is an MBCI (Member of Business Continuity Institute UK) with years of experience in BCM development in financial services.

This is an instructor led course based on ISO 22301 (formerly BS25999) designed to provide a practical understanding of the BCP planning process. In this one day intensive course, participants gain a complete understanding for wiring and implementing BCP plans in their organization. Practical exercise in writing BCP plan and case studies help to better understand concepts and evaluation of multiple methods and techniques.

Course Agenda
Session Details
Understanding BCMS: Basics of ISO 22301
• Background of ISO 22301 and comparison with BS25999
• Objectives of the BCMS System
• ISO 22301 Terms and definitions, Principles and Framework

Linkage of BCMS with ERM and Strategic Planning
• BCM & ERM relationship
• BCMS in broader organization’s context
• Accountabilities & Responsibilities

BCP Planning
• Objective of BCP plan
• Interrelationship with DR and Crisis Management Plan
• BCP Plan components & Life Cycle
• Project approach to plan development
• Supplier’s contingencies
• Case Study
Business Assessments
• Risk Analysis
• Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
• Continuity & Recovery Strategies
• Resources requirement (people, process, systems, data, external)
• Case Study
Putting it together (Plan writing)
• Incident Management
• Business Continuity procedures
• Plan Activation/Invocation
• Disaster Recovery
• Business Resumption
• Return to Normal Operation
• Case Study

• Communication plan
• Organizational & governance Structures & teams
• Change Management
• Training, Testing, Exercise and Review
• Case Study

Course Pricing, Dates and Location
• Rs 4,500 plus Service Tax
• May 23, 2013
• Location – Western Suburban Hotel in Mumbai

Training Methodology and Course Content
This is an interactive one-day course that combines formal theoretical presentations, case studies and risk assessment exercises.
• Delegate Course Material includes full set of presentation slides
• Delivery by BCM Experts with practical experiences
• Additional Handouts based on ISO & BCI’s Good Practices Guide
• Completion certificate by email

Training Objectives
The goal of this course is to provide you an overview of the BCM process and in specific walk you through the BCP planning process. The training program is designed to ensure that participants can implement it in their organisation with minimal external consulting support.

The following are the training objectives for the program:
 Understand the best practice around BCM
 Understand the importance of having a Business Continuity Plan in place
 Gain an overview of how the plan fits in with overall BCM
 Identifying critical business operations and how to protect them
 Assessing criticalities and identifying the appropriate response
 Testing and implementing the Business Continuity Plan
 Clear understanding of the ISO BCMS framework
 Practical guidance on how to develop appropriate plans for the different areas of the response and recovery structure.
 Clear view of actions to restore and recover critical operations
 Be proactive in protecting your business before, during and after an incident
 Improve organizational resiliency

More information
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