Basel II Compliance by Banks - Training

The Capital charge calculations for credit and Market risks and Computation of Tier 1, tier 2 and Total capital warrant a clear understanding of Basel Rules as brought out in RBI guidelines. This one day programme, delivered by banking & risk management experts, will help achieve the above objective.


From Basel I to Basel II, the transition was more of fine tuning that was not a result of any major economic shock. However, the transition from Basel II to Basel III is a direct result of the financial crisis and the journey is likely to be painful over the next 5-7 years. Despite that Basel II is very much applicable to banks and auditors are required to audit Banks covering all aspects of Basel II.

In Bank Audits, the objective is to verify compliance with IRAC and provisioning norms, disclosures mandated by RBI from time to time, Capital Adequacy Ratios under Basel II, Capital Structure under Basel II & III etc. These are some of the important areas which are reviewed by RBI in its Annual Financial Inspection (AFI) of banks and any deviation/discrepancy observed by RBI would have a bearing on the Auditor’s ratings. This makes Bank audit, a challenge especially under CBS environment. Thus the correct reporting by the auditors on above areas assumes high importance despite the time constraints the auditors face.

Audit firms audit various Banks including Basel II and capital adequacy areas. However, often times, Audit staff and junior entry level staff are not conversant with the Basel II regulations and are not able to carry out effective audit.


The course provides participants the understanding of Basel II concepts and provides them with practical tools and methods required for audit of Banks in these areas.
This is an instructor led course designed to provide a practical understanding of the new global framework for risk management. In this one day intensive course, participants gain a complete understanding for auditing Basel II / risk management processes in Banks. Practical exercises and case studies help to better understand concepts and evaluation of multiple methods and techniques.


  • Highlights of BASEL I,II and III
  • Computation of Capital Charge on Credit Risk- with Illustration
  • Collateral Risk Management & Credit Risk Mitigation
  • Computation of Capital charge for Market Risk with illustration
  • Computation of Capital Charge for Operational Risk
  • Computation of Capital- Tier 1,Tier 2 and Total Capital as per Regulatory guidelines with illustration
  • Computation of Risk Weights on Off-Balance Sheet items
  • Questions & Answers
  • Training Methodology

    This is an interactive one-day course that combines formal theoretical presentations, case studies and risk assessment exercises.

  • Delegate Course Material includes full set of presentation slides
  • Delivery by Risk Management Experts with practical experiences
  • Additional Handouts based on exercised and recent news coverage
  • Completion certificate by email
  • More Information

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  • R. Murali - (+91 – 9566077326)
  • Manoj Jain - (+91 – 9833767114)

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