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  • FCPA and Anti Bribery Training and Advisory

    Corruption and bribery may seem to be more common to India than in other parts of the world. But, with the "Make in India" initiative, global companies will no longer tolerate such a practice.

  • Free Anti Money Laundering (AML) Course

    Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Combating Financing of Terrorism (CFT) is a very important regulatory compliance across the globe.

  • Internal Financial Controls (IFC) - Excel Library - Compliance made easy

    Year 2 of IFC is coming up. If you want to take this up as a “DIY”, then you need an inventory of all key financial and operational controls. That’s where Riskpro can help.

  • Risk Register

    Riskpro has developed a comprehensive library of more than 2,000 key risks applicable across different industries.

  • Journey Towards Basel III Training - Chennai

    From Basel I to Basel II, the transition was more of fine tuning that was not a result of any major economic shock.

  • Enterprise Risk Management Training / ISO 31000 - Across India

    Organisations are experiencing the need for increased focus on risk management.

  • Cyber Security - Riskpro's Advisory and Training Services

    With millions of records being stolen, the largest and most secure applications getting hacked, and the best known names affected, cyber risks and cyber threats are the emerging risks that is gaining fast momentum and

  • Insider Trading in India - A zero tolerance event

    In today’s day, business is expanding in the global markets and with it there is considerable amount of growth in the financial markets- Bond market, share market, derivative market and other markets.

  • Legal Compliance Networking Forum

    Take a break from work and join other Senior Legal and Compliance professionals for a half day networking event.

  • Internal Audit Networking Forum (Thomson Reuters / Riskpro)

    Take a break from work and join other Senior Audit and Finance professionals for a half day networking event.

  • Third Party Risk Management - Vendor Risk Management

    Vendor Management has been under the regulatory scanner during the recent years.

  • Risk,Banking and Compliance Trainings

    Riskpro Training Credentials

    Leading Risk Management Training Company

  • Zika Virus Travel Advisory

    Zika virus disease is caused by RNA (ribonucleic acid) and it is transmitted in humans through a bite
    of Aedes aegypti mosquito which also carries dengue and yellow fever. In 1947, a group of

  • Webinar - Vendor (Third-Party) Risk Management

    Join a one hour webinar hosted by Thomson Reuters on Vendor Risk Management.
    Click on the link below to register for FREE.

  • ERM Certification - A career Booster

    Limited time offer for recent graduates. Send an email to to register and take the exam for FREE

  • AML Training (Thomson Reuters / Riskpro Event)

    Banks face growing costs to comply with AML requirements. With a zero tolerance level in Money Laundering and associated large regulatory penalties for non compliance, Banks and other.

  • Enterprise Risk Management Training / ISO 31000 - Chennai

    Organisations are experiencing the need for increased focus on risk management.

  • Advantage India - FDI Into India

    Why foreign companies should invest in India and not China.

  • Internal Financial Control (IFC) -Practical Implementation Lessons - Mumbai

    With advent of new Companies Act,2013 guidelines now there are new reporting requirements on the statutory auditors of companies which is to ‘Reporting on Internal Financial Controls’ which requires the auditor to sta

  • Internship Opportunities - 2016

    Riskpro is open to bright summer interns / corporate project members from leading Management Institutes.Given below are the details.

  • Powerful Data Analytic using Excel

    eCAAT is an Add-in to MS Excel which has the ease of use of MS Excel but the power of Database.

  • Section 134 (5) Advisory Services

    New Companies Act 2013 effective April 1, 2014 place immense responsibilities on Directors to understand and certify about Audit, Risk, Internal Controls, Compliance, Frauds and lastly a strong Governance.

  • Webinar / Demo - Legal Compliance Software

    With advent of new Companies Act,2013 guidelines, implementing a Legal Compliance System is mandatory. Riskpro offers a great software solution at a price that suits most Indian companies.

  • Risk Management Advisory for Private Equity / VC Companies

    Do you know the investee company well enough?. Has the transaction closed smoothly and is company ready to execute business strategies effectively with new funding?

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    Other Services of Interest

  • Assurance Services

    In Riskpro we believe that Internal audit function has to align its activities with business activities of any organisation to achieve its objectives. IA can be of significant value if it maintains...
  • Risk Based Internal Audit Services

    Why Internal Audit Matters In order to run your business, you develop processes to manage the factors that drive performance and help control internal and external risks that could prevent you from...
  • GDPR Training: India gets ready for GDPR

    Riskpro welcomes you to GDPR Training Background GDPR and privacy issues, along with infrastructure management and emerging technologies, rank as the top technology challenges organisations face...
  • Digital Forensic Services

    Riskpro has partnered with a specialist Digital Forensics Services firm to offer digital forensic services. This involves analysis of digital assets for specified objectives. Whether it is a...
  • COSO ERM 2017 - Know the risks that matter

    In risk management, the end goal is to manage the risks that matter, and not to manage all the risks that can exist. For this, a welcome update to COSO ERM 2017 is the shift from process based risk...
  • Automating Legal Compliance Management

    Never miss a compliance. Register by sending an email to
  • Cybersecurity Checklist - NIST Framework

    Riskpro has developed a cybersecurity checklist based framework to perform a self assessment of cyber risk preparedness. Please email to obtain more information on this.
  • Legal and Compliance Audits

    Regulations and legal / compliance burden is affecting organisations of all sizes and across industry sectors. The challenge to timely identify updates to regulatory changes and the time consuming...
  • Part time and Staff Augmentation

    With the Companies Act, 2013 placing a lot of importance on Audit, Risk...
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