Consulting Services

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Consulting Service


Overview of Environmental, Social & Governance

The term ESG encompasses the set of words like Environmental, Social & Governance. It impacts a company’s ability to generate value. In a corporate world, ESG is the incorporation of non-financial factors into business…

PCI DSS Compliance Services


What is PCI DSS compliance?

  • The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security requirements endorsed by the five most globally influential payment brands: Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Discover, and…

Whistleblowing Software - Third Party Ethics Helpline


Overview of the Whistleblowing Software

  • Encourages internal reporting before venturing outside to the media, the regulator, or social media
  • A system for employees to red-flag actual or potential violations of the Company’s Code-of-Conduct…

C-TPAT Audits

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a supply chain security audit that is driven by the US Customs and Border Protection. It helps improve the security of those companies that are involved in the supply chain with respect to transactions with USA. IT helps to mitigate…

Webinar- ISAE 3402

The widespread use of outsourcing requires Service Organisations to better manage their risks associated with outsourced services. More specifically, the clients of Service Organisation i.e. User Organisations require a degree of assurance on well-established Internal Control Framework of…

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

If you have never heard of the words CMMC, don't worry. You are not alone. It is a recent regulation and it is not yet fully in force. But, if will gain momentum in the information security and data privacy domain like no other regulation.

Current Updates

CMMC is not a…

Data Centre- Concurrent Audit

RBI has mandated banks to implement a Concurrent Audit process of Data Centre via circular RBI/2015-16/133 DBS.CO.ARS. No. BC. 2/08.91.021/2015-16, date July 16, 2015. Therefore, DC concurrent audit provides compliance with the Regulator guidelines.

Why choose Riskpro

  • Riskpro…

  • Core Banking Solution Upgradation or Migration

    A bank upgrading its Core Banking Solution (CBS) technology to a new version aims to provide significant enhancement in services to its esteemed customers. Data migration in core banking is all about the seamless movement of entries, balances, P&L/balance sheet data, customer information,…

    DSCI DPF Consulting Services & Training

    With accelerated advancement in the tech world, there is also an unconscious evolution to cyber-crimes. Continuous development of new attacks and techniques that not only allows attackers to infiltrate adequately-controlled environments but also cause damage yet still remain untraceable.

    DSCI Data Privacy Framework Certification

    Riskpro India is an accredited assessment organization to provides companies with DSCI’s data privacy framework. With the frequency and magnitude of cyber-crime attacks on the rise, data security and privacy management are becoming a major concern for IT departments. Proactive measures, Policies…

    Riskpro's AML/CFT Services

    Riskpro provides AML/CFT services that include regulatory gap analysis, policies, and procedures relating to AML. The services include.

  • Sanctions Processes Regulatory Requisites
  • Conformity to international Regulatory requirements and Technology framework.
  • Customer…

  • Personal Data Protection Services (PDP) - India

    Overview of the Indian PDP Bill (draft) 2018

    The Indian PDP Bill (draft) 2018 is one of the most momentous steps towards safeguarding the personal data of citizens. The Bill gives citizens a say in protecting their data held by companies for various purposes and prevents companies…