Anti Bribery and ISO 37001 - Best Practices

Bribery is one of the world’s most destructive and challenging issues. With over US$ 1 trillion paid in bribes each year, the consequences are catastrophic, reducing quality of life, increasing poverty and eroding public trust. Yet despite efforts on national and international levels to tackle bribery, it remains a significant issue. Recognizing this, ISO has developed a new standard to help organizations fight bribery and promote an ethical business culture

Anti-Bribery Management Systems BS 10500, ISO 19600 and ISO 37001 meet the rapid rise for the organizations, companies or associations to be able to implement and execute an effective anti-corruption \ anti-bribery management system which applies to the organizations, the internal and external stakeholders to the company. The management systems aimed internationally to all types of organizations – public or private and to organizations of all levels – small, large or medium.

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