Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Consulting Service


Overview of Environmental, Social & Governance

The term ESG encompasses the set of words like Environmental, Social & Governance. It impacts a company’s ability to generate value. In a corporate world, ESG is the incorporation of non-financial factors into business strategy and decision-making. Although ESG factors are non-financial they are linked to business competitiveness and the way it is handled can result in financial consequences. ESG factors continue to be a priority of shareholders & board members. A lot of investors are asking companies to consider ESG factors in their long-term plans. Shareholders are keen to know how the company's plans during any ESG risks.

Environment- Issues related to the environment, and natural systems, including land, air, water, and ecosystems come in this factor.

Social- Issues related to Society, the rights of individuals, and the well-being of the communities within which a company operates are part of this factor.

Governance- Issues related to a company’s decision-making processes, management practices, and corporate governance structure comes into this factor.

Why disclose ESG information?

Alongside traditional financial reporting, ESG data can paint a complete picture of a company, helping investors understand its competitive positioning and the efficiency with which it can benefit from new opportunities.

Beyond satisfying investor information needs and reducing information asymmetries, ESG disclosure and effective management can yield significant benefits for companies.

Indicatively it can result in the following:

  • Improved access to capital, Complying with regulatory changes & Integrated Risk Management
  • Strengthening corporate performance, Enhancing corporate reputation, and stakeholder engagement
  • Cost reduction through Reduced employee attrition, Lowered risk of financial penalties resulting from regulatory compliance breaches
  • Cost benefits of more sustainable and less volatile supply chains


How Can Riskpro help with ESG?

Riskpro is one of the leading ESG Consultants in India. We help Clients & Customers to create and improve their ESG strategies. Riskpro's Environmental, Social & Governance Consulting service includes risk assessment, due diligence, assessment, etc

  • We help Organisations conduct a risk assessment & Design & develop ESMS
  • We help clients in understanding the investor's expectations & strategy development
  • We continuously monitor the ESG performance
  • We provide complete transparency during the ESG reporting
  • We also provide ESG Training to the employees of our Clients



To know more about Riskpro's Environmental, Social & Governance Consulting Service, mail us at info@riskpro.in