Recent RBI Guidelines - Digital Payment Security Governance

RBI has mandated Regulated Entities (REs) like Scheduled Commercial Banks (excluding Regional Rural Banks), Small Finance Banks; Payments Banks; and Credit Card issuing NBFCs to implement a Digital Payment Security Control framework via circular DoS.CO.CSITE.SEC.No.1852/31.01.015/2020-21 date Feb 18, 2021. REs are required to implement the Digital Payment Security Governance across organization which demonstrates robust digital payment security across all products and services

Join us for an informative webinar wherein the speaker will provide an overview on Digital Payment Security Governance and its importance, take you through RBI’s directives and guidelines regarding implementing this framework, how Digital Payment Governance can provide assurance to the Board of Directors and senior management of REs, Risk Assessments and validations for digital products and services offered. The speaker will also highlight how REs can ensure there is minimal customer service disruption and building an efficient and effective dispute resolution mechanism for digital product/ service offerings.

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SPEAKER Ashok Agarwal - SVP, IT Risk Management at Riskpro India
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Date – Friday, 23rd April 2021, Time – 3 to 4 PM IST
1 Hour
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