Webinar- Implementing Zero Trust: A Model For Effective Cybersecurity


Traditional network security focuses on perimeter defenses. Once inside the network perimeter, users are “trusted” and often given broad access to many corporate resources. But threat actors can come from inside or outside the network, and several high-profile cyberattacks in recent years have undermined the case for the perimeter-based security model. Moreover, the perimeter has become less relevant due to the growth of cloud computing and changes in the modern workforce such as increased mobility and Work from Home.

Zero Trust is a cybersecurity strategy that shifts the focus from wide, static network perimeters to more narrow dynamic and risk-based access control to enterprise resources, regardless of where they are located.

Join us for this new webinar, "Implementing Zero Trust (ZT): A Model for effective Cybersecurity", to know about the benefits of adopting a Zero Trust approach to Cybersecurity.

SPEAKER: Anjan Venkatramani (Founder & CEO - Prismo Systems Inc)

Who should attend: CTOs/CISOs, IT & Cyber Security Heads, IT Professionals

Registration Link: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/971966494059625744

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