Webinar- Manage Supply Chain Disruptions and Mitigate Vendor Risks

The pandemic has created uncertainty in the quality and reliability of supply chain partners and the logistics challenges. As you look on to onboard a new set of suppliers, learn what are the challenges in supply change, and how to mitigate Vendor risks. To conclude, learn about TPRM or Third Party Risk Management, which is not a new concept, but something that needs to be addressed today. With Cybersecurity, Privacy issues emerging every day, often we find that our vendors, suppliers, and external third parties are involved. Join us as we understand how global companies are addressing the dual challenge of supply chain and vendor risk.

Manoj Jain - Founder & Director, Riskpro India.
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Tuesday, 12th January 2021 from 11 AM to 12 PM IST
1 Hour
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