ESG Training


What is ESG?

The term ESG encompasses the set of words like Environmental, Social & Governance. It can impact a company’s ability to generate value. In a corporate world, ESG is the incorporation of non-financial considerations into business strategy and decision-making. Although ESG factors are non-financial they are linked to business competitiveness and the way it is handled can result in financial consequences.

Environment- Issues related to the environment, and natural systems, including land, air, water, and ecosystems come in this factor.

Social- Issues related to Society, the rights of individuals, and the well-being of the communities within which a company operates are part of this factor.

Governance- Issues related to a company’s decision-making processes, management practices, and corporate governance structure comes into this factor.

Why Disclose ESG Information?

Just like financial reporting, ESG data can give a complete overview of a company, helping investors understand its competitive positioning and the efficiency with which it can benefit from new opportunities.

Beyond satisfying investor information needs and reducing information asymmetries, Environmental, Social & Governance disclosure, and effective management can yield significant benefits for companies.

How ESG Training can help your Organisation

Improve Employee Satisfaction- Riskpro’s ESG Training can help companies improve employee satisfaction and attract prospective employees. This is significant because satisfied employees work harder, stay longer with their employers, and seek to produce better results for the organization

Contributes to sustainability initiatives- ESG Training for Employees can contribute to the company’s sustainability initiatives by providing learning opportunities for employees.

Better Retention & Productivity- Employee engagement has become a key component for overall success, as it correlates with a variety of indicators such as reduced employee turnover, better customer retention, and increased productivity -all of which feeds into higher profitability

Riskpro’s ESG Training Modules for Employees

  • ESG Key Performance Indicators (Essential & Leadership)
  • NGRBC (National Guidelines on Responsible Business Conduct) Principles & Core Element
  • Mapping of organization policies with NGRBC & translation of policies into procedures
  • Sustainable Sourcing -Supply Chain Management
  • Assessment of Value Chain Partners


Riskpro's ESG Play Book & Employee Training

In today’s competitive environment, leading companies are recognizing that human, natural, and social capital in addition to financial capital needs to be measured and managed diligently.

Organizations that are improving their performance on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, have improved access to capital and the opportunity to innovate and fill a demand for products and services with more positive social and environmental impact.

Most of the corporate value now is traced to intangible rather than tangible assets. Human, natural and social capital all represent important ESG-related information that stakeholders need to have.

Moreover, this information needs to be reported in a comparable way to benchmark a company’s performance against its competitors.

To help companies with ESG Reporting, we have produced an updated, concise, and actionable ESG Play Book (Guide) that seeks to improve the quantity, quality, and comparability of information.

This Guide provides an invaluable tool for companies to emerge as a leader in ESG transparency and improve their access to capital by attracting an expanding investor base that analyses ESG metrics.


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