Modules of Legal Compliance


Overview of Compliance & Its Modules

Managing compliances manually can be a daunting task. With new regulations and rules being enforced regularly, companies may find it challenging to meet all new compliances. To make the compliance process easier, Riskpro has created the following compliance products for effective compliance management - Legal Compliance, Labour Compliance, Secretarial Compliance, Litigation Compliance & Contract Compliance.

Modules of Compliances

Legal Compliance Software

  • This product covers the Law of the Land pertaining to compliance categories such Labour, Finance & Taxation, Commercial, Secretarial, Specific Industry and General Compliances.
  • Few unique features include compliance calendars, a compliance database that is updated hourly, real-time legal updates, highly configurable dashboards and a role-based workflow and document management.  
  • The product also contains a Litigation Management module with features like managing case types and stages, tracking cases and notice life cycle.
  • There is also a Contract Management module with features like managing contract types, vendors & suppliers and the Capability to upload existing contracts one-time via excel sheets.

Labour Compliance Automation

  • This product covers Payroll Compliances, Shops & Establishment, Factory Compliances and CLRA Compliances.
  • Riskpro offers end to end automated solution to prepare all the regulatory returns, registers and challan files.
  • Features which include one-time quick and easy onboarding, Periodic Data Upload Capability, Templatized Forms & Formats, Centralised Document Repository, Smart Dashboard, Auto-Generated Compliance Calendar, Flexible Analytics & Reporting Capabilities, Workflow Management, Role-Based Access Management and Integrated Legal Updates among others.

Secretarial Compliance Automation

  • The entire utility of the Secretarial product is available for use by the Corporate Secretarial Department in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Mode.
  • The product is also available for Professional Firms to facilitate service delivery in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  • The product has great features such as Facilitates Board / Other meeting management via the Platform, Auto Generation of Records & Compliance Documents, Comprehensive listing of Procedural requirements, Smart Dashboard, Centralized Document Repository, Compliance Calendars and Sync Options, Role-Based Access, Legal Updates, Configurable Reminders and Escalations.

Contract Compliance Software

  • This software helps in creating & managing a variety of Contract Types & Sub-Types. This software also manages contracts of Vendors and Suppliers, Departments, Entities / Sub-Entities / Locations, Users, and also defines their Roles.
  • It can create a new contract for any type of Vendor & Suppliers. All you have to do is fill in the details & description & upload the related documents into the software. 
  • Riskpro's Contract Compliance Software creates & assigns Due Dates. It also schedules reminders for the users.
  • This software has a smart dashboard with real-time graphs & charts by Location / Department / Status / Types.
  • The software sends Notifications / Reminders for upcoming renewals/expiry to the users.

Litigation Compliance Software

  • The product Litigation Management Software creates and manages Case Types, Case Stages, Advocates & Law firms, Departments, Entities / Sub-Entities / Locations and defines user roles ad accesses.
  • This software track cases & notice life cycles. This feature will help in creating New cases/notices & upload digital copies of notices. 
  • Creates tasks, track and Manage Expenses by Case / Hearing / Task / Advocate
  • The Software also offers auto-generated reminders, notifications & alerts to the users.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities with export to Excel features


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