NESA Compliance Services


  • Comply with security requirements under the ‘NESA’ Standard with our NESA Compliance Services.
  • Fortify the security of your basic and crucial information with the help of our experienced technical professionals.
  • Riskpro professionals have years of proven experience in consulting and technical support for NESA Compliance.

National Electronic Security Authority(NESA)

NESA is a federal authority that is aimed at protecting UAE’s critical information infrastructure and enhancing national cybersecurity. NESA provides for a set of standards and guidance (UAE Information Assurance Standards (UAE IAS) for government entities to protect critical infrastructure.

UAE IAS has a set of 188 security controls and standards which are grouped into four different tiers, ranging in priority from P1 (highest) to P4 (lowest). Overall, the Information Assurance Standards IAS has 136 mandatory sub-controls (that fall under 35 of the 188 controls) and 564 sub-controls whose application depends on risk assessment results.

Why comply with NESA standards?

  1. To strengthen the security of UAE cyber assets and minimize corresponding risk levels.
  2. To protect critical infrastructure.
  3. To enhance cybersecurity threat awareness in the UAE.
  4. To develop human capital and technical capabilities.
  5. To provide security against various cyber attacks.
  6. To provide endpoint security.
  7. To provide a proper risk management system for the organization.

National Electronic Security Authority Compliance Services

NESA Implementation by Riskpro

We aim to provide proper security and risk management to the organizations, against any kind of cyber attack or threat to it. Our NESA Controls compliance has been framed in such a way that it safeguards your organization completely from cyber attacks.

We follow the process which suits your organization and provides you with result-oriented services and security

Why Riskpro?

  • Our Strategies and methods go proportionate with risk levels in your association.
  • We provide a powerful risk management system for your organization.
  • Complete security from cyber attacks.
  • Your organizational information integrity remains safe.
  • We strengthen the security of your critical information and reduce cyber threats.


Our 4-tier approach for NESA compliance:


National Electronic Security Authority Compliance Services in India


Therefore, any entities within the UAE should comply mandatorily with NESA Controls. And those entities which do not comply with it could face serious consequences with regards to cyber threats and attacks on their organizations and also, they could end up suffering huge penalties for not following these controls.

After all, it’s not about facing penalties, it is all about securing your organization against any cyber threat that should never come out as the biggest penalty for the organization in terms of data loss and cyber-attacks.