Reduce your GDPR implementation Costs - Hire GDPR Experts in India

Reduce cost for GDPR Compliance - Remote Consulting from India

GDPR readiness assessment and implementation can be costly. And time is short. Instead of paying premium fees to local GDPR consultants or buying GDPR toolkits online, why not consider appointing equally qualified GDPR experts from India.

Riskpro has a team of 8 GDPR consultants and we are adding the team members with each passing month. Some of us are also CIPP/E certified. Riskpro has more than 250 clients and we have been in business for over 7 years.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in 20 years. Riskpro India now offers European and Middle East, Asian companies Data Protection assessments, GDPR reviews and gap assessments to help companies adopt and implement the new GDPR regulations.

Our GDPR Offering

The following is what we can offer to you.

1. Ready GDPR 2 Hours E Learning training material- This E Learning content can be purchased off the shelf for a single price and you can then train as many employees as you wish.
2. GDPR Policies and procedures toolkit - If you just want the GDPR policies, we have them all. For a single price, you get all the word formatted policies.
3. GDPR Gap Assessment - We can conduct a 3-5 days remote gap assessment and to help you navigate the GDPR regulation. Our price is a fixed fee to carry our remote interviews and then to issue a gap report and recommendations.
4. Remote consulting for DPIA, Privacy by design and developing data inventory etc. - If necessary, we can also provide consulting for specific areas of GDPR.

To take this forward, please contact at to get a quote and our assurance in the form of client references and our GDPR brochure.

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