Webinar- Insider Threats


A security danger that comes from within the targeted organization is known as an insider threat. It frequently involves a current or former employee or business acquaintance who improperly utilizes access to privileged accounts or sensitive information within an organization's network. Or the data is transferred or accidentally corrupted. 

Traditional security procedures frequently concentrate on external threats and frequently fail to recognize an internal threat that originates within the firm. 

Appropriate policies and controls must be set up and created across all domains in order to prevent this. Organizational and departmental awareness training is essential.

Speaker- Sanket Nirmal (
Founder - Defensanet)

Who should attend? Audit & Risk Heads & Professionals, Information & cyber Security Heads & Professionals, CIOs, CROs, GRC Professionals, Data Privacy Heads & Professionals      

Date- Friday, 12th August 2022

Time- 4 PM to 5 PM IST


1 Hour
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