Consulting Services

Reduce your GDPR implementation Costs - Hire GDPR Experts in India

Reduce cost for GDPR Compliance - Remote Consulting from India

GDPR readiness assessment and implementation can be costly. And time is short. Instead of paying premium fees to local GDPR consultants or buying GDPR toolkits online, why not consider appointing equally qualified GDPR…

Riskpro India on top of Emerging Risks that bother you

Riskpro India is well positioned to offer advisory services for emerging risks such as Data Protection (GDPR), information security, assurance services such as Third party risk management, internal audit and special process audits.

For more information, please drop an email to…

Assurance Services

In Riskpro we believe that Internal audit function has to align its activities with business activities of any organisation to achieve its objectives. IA can be of significant value if it maintains flexibility in its audit approach to provide In-time support.
…..and we commit the same…

Risk Based Internal Audit Services

Why Internal Audit Matters

In order to run your business, you develop processes to manage the factors that drive performance and help control internal and external risks that could prevent you from meeting your objectives. We focus on those processes where significant risks have been…

Digital Forensic Services

Riskpro has partnered with a specialist Digital Forensics Services firm to offer digital forensic services. This involves an analysis of digital assets for specified objectives.

Whether it is a security breach or an incident caused by internal employees or external threats, it is…

COSO ERM 2017 - Know the risks that matter

In risk management, the end goal is to manage the risks that matter, and not to manage all the risks that can exist. For this, a welcome update to COSO ERM 2017 is the shift from process based risk assessment to strategy linked / objective linked risk assessment and management.

We have…

Risk Management Score - Benchmarking Risk Management effectiveness

Risk Mitigation results are often not apparent. This makes it more difficult to justify whether a company is doing it right.
To overcome this issue, Riskpro has introduced a proprietary Risk Scorecard that incorporates the principles of ISO 31000 to evaluate the effectiveness of Risk…

Information Security Policies - Full Set

Riskpro has put together a complete documentation toolkit for ISMS /ISO 27001 framework.

To purchase this work template based toolkit, please send an email to

SSAE 18 - SOC Audit and Attestation Services

Riskpro's unique approach to SSAE engagement is sustained value addition to your business. Our readiness services enable you to remediate the control gaps in an efficient manner that not only help to get SSAE 18 reports signed, but also improve productivity and efficiency in the business. That…

SSAE 18 - SOC Audit and Attestation Services

Riskpro has been providing SSAE 16/ now SSAE 18 and other information security services for over two years. Here are some of the major benefits our clients are experiencing.

Benefits of SOC Audit and Attestation Services

  • One of the biggest benefits is that you can bid for new…

  • Cybersecurity Checklist - NIST Framework

    Riskpro has developed a cybersecurity checklist based framework to perform a self assessment of cyber risk preparedness.
    Please email to obtain more information on this.

    Legal and Compliance Audits

    Regulations and legal / compliance burden is affecting organizations of all sizes and across industry sectors. The challenge to timely identifies updates to regulatory changes and the time-consuming exercise of ensuring that all compliance requirements are met means that a lot of manpower…